Rejuvenating buildings that Revitalize communities

“We find that re-purposing underutilized buildings not only brings energy back to the establishment, but it also brings energy back into the city & that is what our team is passionate about.”


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Alta Loma Packinghouse
Image from Crescent Investment Offering 6.28.23, page 5
Crescent hollywood project


The core of the company is the Vivative Group which is comprised of individuals with a diversity of talents.  Many of which are experienced and seasoned real estate developers, brokers and appraisers.  Other members of Vivative are involved in business administration, law, designing, entitling, construction management, leasing and property management.  All these talents are essential to the success of the projects that Vivative Ventures will transform.

Project experience

Vivative is a company of seasoned individuals dedicated to the development of underutilized buildings by accenting their inherent character with new design and functionality. 

The end product is always an exciting, revitalized, and performing building with an inspired flair.